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Project type: Web Design + Development
Industry / category: Technology

What we did.

Beamium was developed to give people a simple and effective way to share PDF documents online. Derived out of the original Slideflight concept, it soon out grew the basic functions and required additional development to allow sharing of various files such as .png and .jpg images as well.

Together with the team at Beamium, the design itself was created with the user in mind. A simple and clean layout that allowed for further information to be displayed while keepig focus on the main objective - having users upload and share their files.

With user numbers rising, the Beamium web app continues to have a changing landscape with development and design updates.

How we did it.

Beamium was developed using the efficiency and effectiveness of Ruby on Rails. A complex set of development add-ons allow fast and effective uploads along with storage and other great features such as live sharing, feedback and reporting.

With major developments requiring Ruby on Rails, other languages used include javascript, CSS3 and bootstrap for a full and effective user experience across all devices.

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