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Project type: Web Design + Development
Industry / category: Technology / Finance

What we did.

We were quick to jump on board with a great base team in Munich for Bilendo GmbH when asked to design and develop certain aspects of the SaaS (Software as a Service) web application. Our recent full marketing website redesign allowed us to get involved with every aspect of the creative side imagineable.

The app has been developed to provide automation services in financial business areas such as automated invoice reminder services and accounts receivable management for customers around the globe. The app increases efficiencies and helps businesses imrpove their liquidity through reduced invoice payment time, all without increasing workload.

With a high level of technical capabilities, reporting and connections, the challenge with Bilendo was to create a clear frontend design that allows for effective marketing and provides straighforward and logical reporting charts and graphs along with the required information for connecting API's and more for direct and secure access to bank accounts, email clients, postage options and more.

How we did it.

The Bilendo app is built using Ruby on Rails for it's functionality to create an efficient, fast and reliable software service that is highly customizable. The project was designed in Sketch alongside the InVision platform to collaborate on edits and iterations across different timezones effecgively. Once the base design was finalized, we created the full frontend redesign using HTML, SCSS, Javascript and Ruby on Rails together witb the development in Munich.

The creative work has provided a result that puts Bilendo in a sophisticated, up to date position in the market and will continue to be very exciting to follow. We have continued efforts going into the project so why not take a look at Bilendo yourself and see how your business can benefit!

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