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Project type: Web Design + Online Shop
Industry / category: Energy / Solar

What we did.

After having an online presence for several years but wanting to expand on it and grow their online sales, Cellpower requested that we find a suitable paltform for them to provide an effective website and online store option for their customers.

A point of interest was to utilise a local (NZ) company platform and to provide some specific abilities around payment options for customers. Our path to finding a suitable provider for an online shop led us to Rocketspark. With their great service and support, we are able to create an effective layout for the website and full functionality for online purchases.

How we did it.

Using the Rocketspark paltfrom, we worked from one of their templates and generated the base layout for the website pages. We ran several tests alongside Cellpower to make sure the required functionality would be in place. Once we were all happy with the overall set up, we finalised the pages for the website and worked with Cellpower on training for content input and also product creation, tagging and shop set up.

We look forward to working with Cellpower on an ongoing basis to imrpove the effectiveness of their online service and maintain the website to their desired standard.

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