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Project type: Web Design + Development
Industry / category: Education

What we did.

With a large amount of information online, often the question is... Where do you go to find it. Search engines provide a great deal of functionality for this but on a more specific level, that's where Edukatico came in.

Solely for the online learning sector, the Edukatico site provides a database of searchable online learning courses. Courses can be filtered and accessed directly from the platform.

The challenge was to display thousands of courses in an easy to use and non-cluttered way. With effective planning of the sitemap and project scope, we were able to create a logo, website design and efficient development platforms for a great reult.

How we did it.

Ruby on Rails was again our friend here as we utilised the functionality to create an efficient, fast and reliable database set up for the thousands of courses being searched for and filtered.

The web design played a big role in how easily users could find courses and reach their end goal. Creatively including search fields, filter options, course categories and more was a challenge that the team overcame effectively.

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