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Eselle VA Services.

Project type: Web Design, Development + Marketing
Industry / category: Services

What we did.

Eselle VA Services came to us looking for a clean and clear layout for their brand new business website. Having just launched their business, we worked together with Eselle VA Services to ensure we covered all their current key requirements while maintaining options for additional content and opportunities in the near future.

The website was designed with effective user journeys in mind by keeping the information concise and useful in order to help users find their required services for their own businesses.

Our goal for the website design was to create a unique and effective layout with various customized elements for an effective level of differentiation. The overall goal of the website is to provide details about virtual assistant services and to provide an easy booking / contact opportunity no matter which page of the website visitors are on.

How we did it.

Using Squaresapce helped us get the project up and running efficiently. We initially relied on content and communication from Eselle VA Services and were able to provide quick feedback and assistance with our own marketing input and material to help build out the site and messaging.

After having customised various parts of the template, we are proud of the result and look forward to helping Eselle VA Services continue with the growth of their business venture.

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