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Project type: Web Design + Development
Industry / category: Education

What we did.

Out of the realization that refugees coming to Germany and other countries who don't know the language and could do with some assistance in that direction... Gefius-portal was born!

The idea was to utilise the Gefius contacts and have a multi-lingual website that offers Rosetta Stone language courses sponsored by the community to refugees for free. Broadly speaking, they simply login, select their language, select the language they would lie to learn and receive a login and account for Rosetta Stone services.

How we did it.

The sites development was established and refined using the Ruby on Rails framework. Creating two user account functionalities (langauge learners and account providers) alongside connections to Rosetta Stone was made easier with the help of Rails extensions etc.

The web design side had a goal of taking the concept and simplifying it to suit various cultures and users from around the globe. With colorful details, some unique features were added to set the site apart from many others.

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