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Project type: Web Design + Development
Industry / category: Food & Beverage

What we did.

We were approached with the task of creating a website re-design and development that allowed a butcher in southern Germany to provide meat sales online. With an existing site in place, the task was to modernize the site, improve performance and give a better user experience through an online shop.

The challenge was to make meat look appealing to online buyers. With a great reputation in place already, the Hofmetzger wanted an overall design update and a better experience for uploading products, changing postage costs and providing a faster service to the customers while continuing the existing functionalities.

How we did it.

For the online shop development, Ruby on Rails was the application of choice that allowed a great robust frontend build along with the complexities of online shop management in the backend. With a few design iterations, we were able to create a concept that invited the user in for quick account creation, ordering and browsing. It also made front and backend experiences for the administrative side much more efficient.

The design was developed to be mobile friendly as well so that customers could make an order and receive updates at any time while on the move.

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