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Sarah Christina Vineyards.

Project type: Web Design, Development + Marketing
Industry / category: Food & Beverage

What we did.

Sarah Christina Vineyards is a wine company based in California. Together with their team, we were tasks with providing a clean and tidy website to display the brand, the wines and the company values.

With such an amazing label on the bottle, it was important to keep the website clean and clear and let the wine do the talking.

With landing page opportunities for further marketing of the products and scholarships, the website took shape quickly with a reasonably straightforward layout so visitors can quickly find the details they need.

How we did it.

Squarespace was used as the platform for a template that could be edited and adjusted efficiently. The site uses large background images to bring in the wine / winery feeling for visitors from the first page.

Thanks to the Squarespace platform and some crafty javascript, we were able to create a simple and effective age gate requiring users to verify their age before entering the site to comply with Califronian alcoholic beverage laws.

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