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Project type: Web Design + Development
Industry / category: Health & Fitness

What we did.

Truetape was an idea born out of the founders' experience in exercise, sports and medical care. Their passion was the driving force behind creating an online experience and shop for enthusiastic sports people with an interest in self-help, recovery and improved performance.

Working closely with their ideas, the Truetape shop and educational kinesiology taping platform was designed and developed from scratch.

Like many projects, this one wasn't without limitations along the way but that didn't dampen efforts as the project took shape for a successful launch.

How we did it.

The Truetape online shop was developed using the efficiency and effectiveness of Ruby on Rails. With a complete backend included, this is a dynamic project that brings together simple user friendliness with effective and fast processing systems.

The website design and UX was crafted using a wide range of CSS, HTML, Javascript and Bootstrap to creat a clean, intuitive flow that also renders and scales to fit every major screen size.

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